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miss Picky Eater

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About miss Picky Eater :

Hi !

Welcome to my miss PE blog for miss picky eater.

Passionate about everything related to food and health, I invent and reproduce for you simple recipes that we usually buy in our supermarkets or eat in restaurants.

The recipes you will find on my blog are vegetarian and healthy. In general, I use products from organic farming, I limit to the maximum the plastic and I foster short circuits.

My primary goal is to show you how the kitchen can be simple and accessible to all : those who have little time, those who have little means, those who have no idea and those who do not think they can cook.

If you have any particular questions or desires, do not hesitate to contact me on instagram/email.
If you enjoy my content, you can subscribe to support me and do not miss anything from my posts.
At last, if you’re just passing through, I’ll let you contemplate my work. 

A last quote from Michael Pollen before letting you go : «You are what you eat eats».

Enjoy your visit.

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