6 Homemade Bagels

The bagle is a comforting dish. It is primarily for a quick and easy-to-eat meal that you buy in store. However, even if the bread recipes are tedious, they also provide a certain pleasure once the bread is finalized. I prepared these delicious rings without much difficulty. You just have to know the different stages. In the end, it was a delicious taste.

Modus operandi : simple bagels for beginners

-300g of flour
-9g of yeast
-9 cL warm milk
-6cL of lukewarm water
-1 egg + 2 white
-6g salt
-6g of sugar

Mix the yeast with the water.
Mix in a bowl: flour, milk, water, sugar, salt and egg whites. Then stir in the yeast.
Knead the dough and let it rise for 1h30 by covering it with a damp cloth.
Divide into 6 balls. Make a hole in each with your fingers and widen. Cover and let stand 15 min.
Boil water and poach bagels in simmering water 2 min each.
Preheat the oven to 210°C.Brush your bagels with egg and seeds and bake for 20-25 min.

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Published by miss.pickyeater

Passionate about everything related to food and health, I invent and reproduce for you simple recipes that we usually buy in our supermarkets or eat in restaurants.

5 thoughts on “6 Homemade Bagels

  1. Hi thank you for stopping by in my blog (wetravelhappy) the other week. I’m glad you did because I got to know yours too. And what delight when I found your posts on bread.

    Bagels must be tough to make. I have not made them yet but hopefully one day. I tried doing babka bread yesterday. 🙂 — Amor

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s very nice of you to come to see my work. Indeed, many people think that bagels are difficult to cook. But following this recipe you will see that it is very simple. The only “difficulty” is perhaps the time of this recipe: the time of growth of the pate and the double cooking (in the pan then in the oven).


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