What are these recipes for ?

Why reproduce recipes that we could eat in a restaurant or where we could buy ready?

The goal of my blog is to reproduce as easily as possible recipes that are already prepared. Who has never bought a Nutella spread in a supermarket, eaten a pizza in a restaurant or bought bread in a bakery? Well, these food products that are paid manufactured I decide to reproduce them in a simple way in my recipes.

But why? What are my convictions?

The reasons I reproduce these dishes are as follows:

– to be aware of the quantities and types of ingredients used

When you buy products that are already manufactured, you never know exactly what they are. We do not know the ingredients used, their exact quantities. In particular, big brands sometimes use a lot of sugars for small simple cakes or even for salty dishes. Their goal is often to create a certain addiction to these products. So, beyond these major agri-food brands, my goal is to prepare each of these recipes myself to realize the quality and quantity of the ingredients I use.

– to save money

I don’t want to cook because I don’t have time, I don’t know how to cook, I’m lazy… The reasons are multiple ! But the financial reason that should make you want to cook is that you can easily save money. By buying your food in restaurants, you will spend 2/4/8 times more money than if you prepare this homemade recipe. And I think that argument is very important.

– to make me happy

When you cook, you take time for yourself, to flourish, you realize an activity that is not boring. You have to stop seeing it as an ungrateful spot but rather appreciate it and become aware of what you will learn during this preparation or even see the kitchen as a challenge to overcome. By succeeding in this recipe, you will feel proud of yourself and gain confidence. I find this activity exciting. Not you?

– to please others 

It is quite possible to even recommend sharing your dishes or your kitchen with others. Cooking is an activity of sharing, exchange and a pleasant environment for all. It seems therefore essential to invite others to come and taste your dishes whether they are successful or not. The key is not to achieve a recipe to perfection but to learn and share your experience with others.

I’m not saying that you should never buy products that are already ready, far from… I’m the first one to want to taste a beautiful entremet from Ritz in Paris. I just want to say that it’s easy to reproduce these dishes in a quick and easy way. From time to time. When you feel like it or need it.

Besides if you want a particular recipe and you want me to simplify it for you. Do not hesitate to contact me : leave a comment, send me an email or contact me on instagram.

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