Vegan peanut mochis

As a student, it is difficult to combine restaurants with the student budget. However, it is easy to eat in Chinese restaurants where prices are very reasonable. mochis is a good desert. At the same time fluffy, rubbery in the mouth and sweet, they bring a touch of sweetness to our day. So I decidedContinue reading “Vegan peanut mochis”

Grilled eggplant

How to prepare a fast and uncomplicated vegetable-based meal? Here is the meal that is made for you. I often make this eggplant recipe when I am lazy or have little time to cook. But it is also possible to make it with other vegetables such as pepper, zucchini or sweet potato. It is veryContinue reading “Grilled eggplant”

Vegan cinnamon roll

This famous American desert is traditionally prepared with butter and white sugar. I love it, but for my health I decided to test a fairly simple vegan recipe. I was bluffing, this recipe is so comforting, simple and delicious. After a long day’s work, nothing more soothing and reconstructive. Modus operandi : a traditional AmericanContinue reading “Vegan cinnamon roll”

Tomato-mustard pie

On a sunny day, who has never had a sudden craving for freshness? I love cooking tomato in summer because it is a juicy and fresh vegetable. In this pie, I certainly wanted to cook the tomato in a warm way but especially try to associate the tomato with the mustard. And it’s a delight!Continue reading “Tomato-mustard pie”

Cinnamon pop corn

The popcorn : I loved eating at the movies when I was young. When I watch a movie, I like to have a drink or a snack to nibble on. So I thought of revisiting the simple recipe for popcorn. But I removed the white sugar and replaced it with the flavor of cinnamon andContinue reading “Cinnamon pop corn”

6 Homemade Bagels

The bagle is a comforting dish. It is primarily for a quick and easy-to-eat meal that you buy in store. However, even if the bread recipes are tedious, they also provide a certain pleasure once the bread is finalized. I prepared these delicious rings without much difficulty. You just have to know the different stages.Continue reading “6 Homemade Bagels”

Homemade chocolate spreads

I love cooking recipes that we usually buy but that are often simple to make ourselves. By laziness, we do not cook them. Well, here’s a very simple spread recipe. This recipe will take less time than the return trip to the supermarket to buy a spread. Modus operandi : a yummy chocolate spreads -100gContinue reading “Homemade chocolate spreads”


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