vegan avocado ice cream without ice cream maker

I always dreamed of having an ice cream maker, but I never bought one. Maybe it’s because of the lack of space or laziness, I don’t know. Well, I still decided to ice out even though I didn’t have a machine. That’s why I propose this little wonder: an ice cream with avocado and coconutContinue reading “vegan avocado ice cream without ice cream maker”

Vegan cinnamon roll

This famous American desert is traditionally prepared with butter and white sugar. I love it, but for my health I decided to test a fairly simple vegan recipe. I was bluffing, this recipe is so comforting, simple and delicious. After a long day’s work, nothing more soothing and reconstructive. Modus operandi : a traditional AmericanContinue reading “Vegan cinnamon roll”

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