Chia pudding with fresh strawberries and sweet granola

Usually I do not eat breakfast in the morning because I prefer to have a hot drink like tea or coffee. However, I love the snack time (I am still a greedy child), that’s why I like to prepare recipes in advance often in the evening so that my taste is ready the next day.Continue reading “Chia pudding with fresh strawberries and sweet granola”

vegan avocado ice cream without ice cream maker

I always dreamed of having an ice cream maker, but I never bought one. Maybe it’s because of the lack of space or laziness, I don’t know. Well, I still decided to ice out even though I didn’t have a machine. That’s why I propose this little wonder: an ice cream with avocado and coconutContinue reading “vegan avocado ice cream without ice cream maker”

Vegan cinnamon roll

This famous American desert is traditionally prepared with butter and white sugar. I love it, but for my health I decided to test a fairly simple vegan recipe. I was bluffing, this recipe is so comforting, simple and delicious. After a long day’s work, nothing more soothing and reconstructive. Modus operandi : a traditional AmericanContinue reading “Vegan cinnamon roll”

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