My Kazidomi products

As I regularly tell you, I do my shopping on the website. As one of their ambassadors, I know their products and their manufacturing process perfectly. This allows me to ensure that I offer you quality products.

First of all, I would like to make a brief summary of the website. Kazidomi works with a membership: you enter annually for €80 or you enter monthly for €10, you access discounts up to -50% on all the products they offer (food, cosmetics for animals, cleaning, food supplements). With my promo code “PICKYEATER” you can :

– subscribe to the year for €60 with my €20 discount 

– subscribe monthly to test if it suits you for €8.33 with a €1.67 discount.

In fact, the account is simple, by making your Kazidomi shopping once a month you can: pay back your subscription thanks to the savings made AND save on products you usually buy without discount.

The practical information:
  • €300 savings per year is what Kazidomi members achieve on average
  • European countries available: Germany, Belgium, Corsica, Spain, Finland, France and Monaco, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland
  • + 3500 quality products selected by health experts
  • Products : organic, without refined sugar, durable, cruelty free, without preservatives

– The products I use on a daily basis :

For my porridge/pudding recipes:

For special flours:

For the nuts:

For spreads:

Don’t forget with my promo code «PICKYEATER» you have access to: €20 discount on annual subscriptions and €1.67 discount on monthly subscriptions.

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